Now you can setup your PWM.One any way that you like!  From changing the boot screen graphic to adjusting specific cut-off voltages or sleep delays.  All settings are 100% adjustable from your PC when connected to a PWM.One board via the BoarLoader!

You are able to view logs of the previous 25(50 for PWM.One Color) activation operations of the board, as well as perform accurate testing of all functions of the board while connected.

All PWM.One boards produced and shipped since Jan 2019 will have a programmer connection on the back of the board.  Configuration is possible even when installed in an enclosure as long as it is installed in a typical "left out" mounting.  Simply connect the BoarLoader Programmer to the board, connect via USB and start up the BoarLoader software.

BoarLoader programming software is self-updating and is modular, so it will obtain modules automatically(when connected to the internet) to be able to connect with various(and upcoming) releases of PWM.One boards!

You can download the software here: DOWNLOAD HERE

*Be aware, I have not obtained a certificate for this installer due to cost, so there will be security warnings from Windows when you install.  You can click through those warnings to complete the installation.  Contact me via usual channels if you are having issues.

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