Updated for 2019 even MORE!  Since 2017, the BoarPWM+ was for serious pwm users who know where the power and flexibility lives!

With the same functionality as our PWM.One 2019, we decided to add a little bit of color with a Mini IPS TFT Color Display!  As well as the display being slightly larger, the size of the board overall DID NOT GROW!

The capability to be reconfigured for specific builds that YOU the modder have control over.  Boot screens and Settings can be adjusted using our BoarLoader

The baddest PWM you'd ever imagine, with a remote mounted FET for very tight builds.  This mosfet location also allows for additional heat dissipation via the box it is mounted inside.

Tested OVER 800 watts of continuous fire(using large 510 mounted RemoteFET!  Improved specifications that exceed other smart PWMs and our NEW IPS TFT Color display.

All PWM.One boards come pre-wired using 28awg wire and is color coded according to the connection.  Red=Positive, Black=Battery Negative, Yellow=MOSFET Gate(RemoteFET) [and White=Switch for remote non-onboard switching]

Select the size/capacity RemoteFET to include with your PWM.One: Large(247A) or Small(179A).

The Small is recommended for tight builds, but it is possible to fit a Medium under some circumstances.  Medium is recommended for G and larger enclosures, but Large is where the power lives and can be massaged into a G with some planning.

Optionally you can provide artwork for a customized boot display or serial numbering* if you do not have access to our BoarLoader.

EASY installation: 

  • 5-click Lock/Unlock
  • Automatic Low Voltage Cutoff [configurable via BoarLoader]
  • 8 second fire safety [configurable via BoarLoader]
  • integrated hit-counter and 25 entry on-board fire-log. [log accessible via BoarLoader]
  • 20 duty-cycle increments (5% adjustment per-click) with percentage or voltage display [configurable via BoarLoader
  • On-board 160x80 IPS TFT Color display*
  • Quick installation
  • 18V Maximum

*Actuator based models will include screen mount stand-offs as shown. Color may vary. Screen mounts are NOT supplied with Mitec-style switch variations.

**default graphics are subject to change at any time, contact us for custom graphic/serial numbering options or load your own with BoarLoader.

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